Millison Park Border Collies  

  Millison Park Border Collies

'Millison Park' is owned by Bianca Godson, it's is located at Warren NSW approximately 128km north-west of Dubbo.



Growing up around stock and working dogs all my life, once I left school to work on the family farms and in the family business (mulesing contracting) I needed dogs I could trust and rely on to work all day for me. I grew up and started out with the popular breed the 'Australian Kelpie,' but after one headache led to another, and rather working against me then with me, the frustrations within the breed led me to look to the unpopular 'Border Collie.' It wasn't until my second border collie 'Waddy’s Millie' bred by a good family friend Angus Waddell at 'Waddy’s Collies' that without a second thought, I sold all my kelpies and set out with the Border Collie. The difference within the two breeds amazed me, unlike the kelpie I had found a breed that would work all day, in all-weather nonstop, just wanting to please their owner.


I spend majority of my time livestock contracting all around NSW, QLD and VIC. I use my dogs for

• Mustering / Paddock - Sheep (90%) Cattle and Goats

• Yard Work

• Dog Trialling



Stamina and heart is very important to me to have in a dog. My dogs are working long hard hours and big numbers every day, I need a dog that will stick it out till the end and givie me everything it has. Our work will send us into some of the harshest country Australia has to offer, from

rocky hills to thick timber all the way to burs thistle and bushes. I need to know that I can count on my mate next to me no matter what; he/she will not let me down. A great temperament in a dog is a must have I believe, a dog must be more then happy to work in a partnership with its handler and be able to handle the pressure of training and work conditions.

Breeding All-Round working dogs is my number one aim. Versatility is needed in my dogs because of my line of work. The dogs I choose to breed from have proven this and with this criteria, I am certain of breeding working dogs with an all-round ability. Genetics is a very important part of my breeding, I carefully choose dogs firstly on the breeding behind them of the type of dog I need. My dogs have both top proven Australian and UK bloodlines. Looking at a pedigree of a dog, can tell you a great story of what that dog should be capable of.


Without my dogs, work wouldn't be such a highlight of my day. They make it enjoyable, and much easier then man doing it by himself. They save me time and money, and most importantly they are still next to me at the end of the day. They're not just a dog, they're my bestfriends.